Replica 1718 Project


We have started The Project to create two replicas of the National Treasure Patchwork “Coverlet 1718” owned by the British Quilt Guild using Japanese technology and grant them.

Activity details as of March 19: Perform a light-dark test on the data before the prototype, and determine -24% as the median value. Start detailed adjustment of prototype data creation!

I summarized the bright and dark tests of the data before the prototype. This outlines the prototype.

Progress so far

In August 2022, I participated in the FOQ and visited the UK Quilt Guild in York for the article of Quilt Japan magazine. At that time, The Guild was told that Coverlet 1718 was so badly damaged that I could not see it, which I regret. I also ask the curator if she wants a cloth replica of Coverlet 1718, and finds out that she needs it.

In December 2022, I proposed donating a fabric replica to the Quilt Guild, which was accepted. I named this as the Replica1718.

In January 2023, I made the plan for Replica1718 and adjusted. Approved in early February. See plan at the bottom of this page.

In February 2023, I Concluded a contract for delivery of coverlet 1718 photo data with the Guild. I received photo date of Coverlet 1718 on March 3rd. In addition, Seiren Co., Ltd. decided to sponsor.

March Start of adjustments to make a prototype. Perform a light/dark test before making a prototype.

About Coverlet 1718

Collections | Quilt Museum and Gallery, York

Plan & Schedule

1 General plan

(1) Purpose: To smoothly create a fabric replica of Coverlet 1718 according to the wishes of “The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection”, to contribute to the revitalization of British quilt culture and mutual understanding between Japan and Britain.

Name the project “Replica 1718”.

(2) Item to be created: Coverlet 1718 fabric replica 2 pieces

(3) Timing: Aiming to be able to present at the FOQ in August 2023. Details: See Time Plan

(4) Planning coordinator: 

Japan Side: Mr. Kenzo Nakamura, geometric quilt designer

British Side: Ms. Heather Audin, Curator The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection

Other parties involved: Seiren Co., Ltd. (sponsor: production and technical support)

(5) Production procedure: Make detailed production adjustments and make a single prototype to smoothly produce the desired product. Details: See Prototype plan

2 Time Plan

  Including one Prototype production, Dedication at the FOQ(August 2023) will be done according to the following schedule.

January: Adjustment of Prototype production plan

February: Prototype

March: UK mailing and Checking of prototypes

April: Adjustment and determination of preparation guidelines based on Checking

May: Production of “Replica 1718”

June: Arrival and Checking of replicas in the UK

Note: If you have some concerns on April Checking, we make only one “Replica 1718”, and make one more after June Checking. That is, We can have two adjustment chances. 

August: Dedication Ceremony at F O Q