First Prototype Test Result Report

Date: April 20/2023  

1 The hanging part has sufficient structure and strength, and this structure is adopted.

2 Use dark/pale gray for the peripheral gray, and create one point for each.

* Dark gray is 60% / Pale gray is 15% gray.

3 Side part

The strength of the heat cut is sufficient, so this heat cut is adopted.

4 Dark/bright comparing  test with Coverlet1718

(1) In the preliminary comparison using paper, it was confirmed that there was no need for color adjustment, but in the case of fabric, we conform the color was significantly different. In particular, it seems that (1) because the brightness is set to -24% median value, the whole looks bluish. (2) The reddish color looks cloudy, and ispecially the pink color is dirty.

(2) Based on the above results, we decided that it was necessary to discontinue the bright/dark comparison test with Coverlet 1718 and make more prototypes for color adjustment.

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