”Creating Math Art with Mathematica” Notebook DL page


Creating Math Art with Mathematica

This book, which was published by the Tokyo Denki University Press in 1997, has been made compatible with Mathematica Ver.12, and the content has been further revised. For example, the cover of this book is my work of the same name with the image of diamond dust. Not only the creation program of this work, but also the extraction to an external file and the handling by illustrator are explained concretely. You can also download the programs (notebooks)  on the website.

  • table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Graphics Primitives
  • Chapter 2 Various expression methods
  • Chapter 3 Creating various figures
  • Chapter 4 Recursive figures
  • Chapter 5 Creating wallpaper patterns
  • Chapter 6 Cloisonne and Mosaic
  • Chapter 7 Creating animation and video files
  • Chapter 8 Creation of applied works

Download the notebook

You can download the notebook of the book. Please see the password in the Author introduction of the book.

You can see my Math Art Works