Introduction of Islam Style Quilt Design No.2

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Summary: Introducing the No. 2 new design of Islam Style quilt with bordering that symbolizes eternity. I am also looking for people who can collaboration-make for this quilt.

See below for characteristics of Islam Style design.

See below for the characteristics of making Islam Style quilt.

Design No.2

For an overview, watch the following video:

Commentary: A design made of overlapping pieces that collect three small pentagons and arrange them in a hexagonal lattice. In addition to the hexagonal star shape, the shield and the sword, which are characteristic of Islamic patterns, three-rhombus marks and four-rhombus marks appear in series. 

With the bright and lively overall tone, you can expect a great quilt to be completed by selecting your original bordering color.

Size, etc.: The part of the figure above is 1m square, and there is a white margin of about 10cm up, down, left and right. The width of the bordering is assumed to be a bias tape of 7mm. The fabric is medium cotton made by Seiren PR sheet.

This design is available for purchase on the following web page.


Simulation of the color of the bordering

The color of the bordering is purple, yellow, and red from the left. If you click on it, you can zoom in.

By changing the color of the bordering, I think you can see that the overall atmosphere changes greatly. Please try to demonstrate your originality.

Let’s collaborate with me on making quilts!

Please refer to the following for the conditions and application for collaboration.