Pri-prototype test of Replica1718


Purpose of this test

To decide the range of light and dark of the prototype. Range is the band of the percentage that is clearly dark and the percentage that is clearly bright.

Of course, since the textures of paper and fabric differ greatly, it is expected that the impression of light and shade will also differ greatly, but experts advise that the deviation should not exceed 10%.

Test method

The light and dark data created in Japan will be sent to the UK for testing by comparing it with the real thing. At that time, color consistency is ensured by using Mac’s ColorSync. The prepared test materials are as follows. In fact, we first created data at 4% intervals from +16% to -24% and asked them to compare. As a result, -24% is the closest, so we created data for -28% and -32% and asked them to confirm that it is brighter than -28%.

Test results

This is a picture of the results of a comparative test conducted on the UK side.

*Click to enlarge.


-24% is the median value for the prototype. Make a prototype like the one below.