Quilt Gallery 3: Introduction to Lotus Series 2nd Period


About Lotus Series 2nd Period

The Lotus series is divided into phase I and II depending on the time period. The fabric’s color is slightly different even in the same color, because the Japanese economic bubble burst, the kinds of cloth was halved, and there was no cloth with the same color number.

I got the opinion that it would be better to attach a border from every quilter who made Phase I Lotus quilts, we decided to make a border of the earth color. In addition, the quilt of 2m square (also known as Great Lotus) was also created at the same time, so the quilt of 1m square became five pieces.

Great Lotus quilt will be introduced on a separate page.

Prosperity of Dodecagon

Made by Suzuyu-san at 2002

Commentary: Design using degenerate arrangement of doble layered dodecagon
Four regular dodecagons can be arranged as shown in the left figure below, but this design does not have this arrangement. Since the regular dodecagon with a two-layer structure can be placed partly overlapping like the red part in the right figure, this placement is used in this design.

Supplemental figure: Degenerate arrangement of the doble layered dodecagon

Apoptosis for regeneration

Made by Kimiyo-san at 2002

Commentary: Design using regular octagon and square
The leaves that first sprout grow more and more, but after a certain amount of time, they become decayed leaves (kuchiba), and while they are handed over to the next leaf, they reach the flowering period. Dark blue or purple decayed leaves, and in some cases decayed and water surfaces can be seen, but apoptosis (controlled cell death. Original meaning: leaves fall in autumn) is also a natural change for the next prosperity.

Banana plant swaying in the wind

Made by Chap-san at 2002


Design using rectangular dividing of golden ratio
It is known that the golden ratio rectangle can be divided into a square and a small golden ratio (red frame) rectangle as shown in the left figure below.

Supplemental figure: Square dividing of the golden ratio rectangle

The rectangle of a small golden ratio can be divided in the same way, so that it can be divided like the right figure.I used four combinations of this as the design of the quilt.

The reverberation of the angel trumpet

Made by Tamachi-san at 2002

Commentary: Design using a rhombus that combines two regular triangles
In the hexagonal lattice frame, I created a design that emphasizes the rhombus that combines two regular triangles without using a hexagon. After all, the three diamonds mark is a powerful feature.
The shape of the flower looked like an angel trumpet flower as seen from the front, so I chose this title.

The windmill of reminiscence

Made by Mika-san at 2002

Commentary: Design using a windmill-like arrangement of regular hexagon and regular triangle
The side of the regular hexagon is set to 1 and the side length of the regular triangle is set to 3 so that the windmill looks cool. This arrangement is very interesting and holds for any size of regular hexagons and regular triangles. It’s hard to imagine, so I’ve provided a supplementary figure below.

Supplemental figure: windmill-like array of regular hexagons and regular triangles

If the side length of a regular hexagon is 1 in the supplementary figure, the regular triangle is 3, 1, 1/2 from the left. Even if the regular triangle is small, it will be an interesting arrangement and you can make it your own ratio, so various designs will come out. Please try using it.