Math Art Gallery 2: MathArt created from polygons 


Summary: I will explain plainly the geometric fun hidden in MathArt created from polygons.

Title: Polygonal Flowers

Commentary: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8th regular polygon is composed of flowers superimposed on a spiral while making it smaller little by little. Each has a different floral atmosphere and is interesting.The regular triangle colored bougainvillea, square is Hydrangea, pentagon is rose, hexiagon is camellia, and octagon is Snowball. Especially the five-horned flower is exactly the atmosphere of a rose. If someone does not say it, it might not be thought that it was drawn only by the regular pentagon.The viewing point is the place where the overlap of the petals can be seen using transparency.

Title: The cross section of Surprise

Commentary: When I drow the shape of the hexagonal star, I had great three-dimensional feeling. So I made in combination with the shape of the snow (Koch curve) which I love.

Title: The glowing Cross

Commentary: This work is composed of a structure in which the cross is infinitely connected.The central part looks dazzling by applying an optical illusion called the “shine effect”.

Title: Chroma depth Heptagonal Flowers

Commentary: When viewed with the polarized glasses of chromadepth, it is high in the order of red-orange yellow-green blue indigo purple, and looks three-dimensional. In addition, it is an advantage that it does not become a shiftscreen like anaglyph.

 Incidentally, it looks sufficiently three-dimensional without hanging the polarization glasses of chromadepths. In particular, it is remarkable when stereoscopically viewed the flowers above and below in parallel.

Title: Hydrangea Cross

Commentary: This work is based on the image of a forehead hydrangea with a cross structure.