Math Art Gallery 7: MathArt commentary created from other or combination techniques


Abstract: I will explain the geometric interest hidden in MathArt, created from other or combination techniques.

Title: Pegasus Sphere

Commentary: The first thing I drew when I saw Escher’s work was a Pegasus, which was made spherical by transforming the Pegasus. In addition, it is interesting that some person notice only the blue Pegasus ,not pink Pegasus around it. In terms of technique, it is a spherical conversion of a simple point sequence.

Title: Aquarium

Commentary: Fish are swimming in the aquarium. The big fish may actually be a collection of smaller fish. The black fish in the small fish gathering is the Imitation of “Suimy” that my daughter read many times in elementary school textbooks, but it is an affirmation of diversity and I think it is fun.
Note that, technically, the background water was expressed using splitting. Specifically, the white noise is used to color the irregular polygonal filling plane obtained by Voronoi division of the point sequence arranged on the plane. Also, the fish part was created repeatedly.

Title: Mermaid

Commentary: This is a work that I created by making various projections, withdrawals and making various imaginations.
Technically, about 1000 disks were layered while reducing the size and the colors.

Title: Self-portrait

Commentary: I tried to color by thinking of my drunken face. Technically, an array of integer point arrays arranged in a rod and an array of integer squared point arrays arranged in a circle were created and designed. I feel like I can see my strange point.