Math Art Gallery 3: MathArt created from repetition


Summary: I explain the geometric fun hidden in MathArt created from repetition in a simple way.

Title: Diamond Dust

Commentary: This works won at the 1st Open Exhibition of NAKAYA UKICHIRO MUSEUM OF SNOW AND ICE.

The winter in Hokkaido, Northern Island, -20° or less moisture in the air freezes in the clear wind, there is a phenomenon called diamond dust that shines as if the entire air shines, this work is the image of this.

 As the creation technique, it is repeated to grow a small hexagon outward at each top of the hexagon.

The tapestry of this design is available for purchase on the following web page.


Title: Midori

Commentary: This work is inspired by the azure of The waterfall in the traditional Japanese painting.Water is deep, shallow, large and small, becomes a mass, and sometimes flows in silent order, even though it is stagnant.

The tapestry of this design is available for purchase on the following web page.


Title: Apollonius Star

Commentary: This work enhances the shapeability by applying “Apollonius Circle”, which fills the gap between the three circles with the largest circle in it.It is repeated eight times, but there is a premonition that it is repeated infinitely.If there is a repetition of this degree, there is a good enough look even in large format.

Title: Star of Hope

Description: I created a new infinite structure by filling an approximate equilateral triangle (bull’s head) that can be connected to the infinite structure of Sherpinsky’s Gascket. I have a feeling that the hexagram which composes it uses it opens up a new world.

Title: Xmas Star

Commentary: This work is based on the image of Xmas using star crystals. The center of the work was added a glow effect to make the stars look shining.

Title: Three Circles Mandala

Commentary: Technically, a shellpinski’s gasket is constructed by covering with infinite circles.
The three small circles looked like sitting statues of Buddha, so I colored them. We hope you enjoy the floating feeling of the circle.

Title: Planet of Life

Commentary: Where there is soil, water, and Energy, life arises. It is full of life though the deficiency and the excess are born respectively.

In technique, the inside of the circle was filled with a circle.

Title: Deep Sea

Commentary: This work is inspired by marine snow falling into the deep sea.

Title: Sun Pillar

Commentary: In the morning sun, when diamond dust occurs vividly in the vicinity of the water in the air, such as the surface of the river, it may be called Sun pillar, and it is an image of it. It made up the modeling that can feel the gods like the Great Sun Tathagata. I experienced diamond dust in Asahikawa, but I can’t see Sun pillars and I have a longing for them.

Title: Death Star

Commentary: A work inspired by the energy-filled Death Star of Star Wars. I don’t know if the energy will be emitted at the next moment or if it will explode, but it shines eerily.