MathArt Gallery 4: MathArt created from dividing


Summary: I explain the geometric fun hidden in MathArt created from the dividing.

Title: Progression “Turbulence”

Commentary: A random number was added to the number sequence, and because it made the vertical, left, right, left and right a different array, it became a mess.Moreover, the coloring was matched to it.However, beauty is in turbulence, and it is fun itself.

Title: Regression “Elegance”

Commentary: I used the sin function in rows and columns, and it felt most elegant, so I did that kind of coloring.

The tapestry of this design is available for purchase on the following web page.


Title: Origin

Commentary: This is an image of the moment the Big Bang begins. The universe will shift from expansion to shrinking, will be the last moment at last. Everything is concentrated at one point. The big bang begins in the moment when nothing is filled.I don’t know if it’s like Whitehall, but i’m paranoid about the huge energy turn into the mass. It is a work that I like the quiet, warm expression in the center.

Title: Cactus

Commentary: I had two long-term business trips to Arizona, United States for total of nine months. I did not stay in the hottest June, but it’s 47 C degrees(117 F) and the heat in August. My most impressive thing was Saguaro cacutus, which are more than 10 meters long. It was not possible to see the flower blooming in April, but I imagined a cactus that would make the flowers bloom energetically in the heat.

 In the technique, i used the Boronui dividing.