MathArt Gallery 5: Explanation of MathArt created from rotation and spiral


Abstract: I explain the geometric interest hidden in MathArt created from rotation and spiral.

Title: Sun flowers

Commentary: A seed spiral drawn using the function of the leaf phylloty. A spiral can be found on both the right-handed and left-handed, complex but beautiful. It can be seen that the three flower spirals change the coefficient subtly, and the degree of congestion in the central part changes.

Title: Spiral Five Flowers

Commentary: I devised to make the white river of S-shaped by 100 discs were piled up in the background. In the flow of the white river, the peach blooms falls while drawing a spiral. Can you get enlightenment? Or will you be drowned in desire?

Title: Poinsettia

Commentary: This work is inspired by poinsettia, which is decorated at Christmas time. The octagonal star is changed color, and a subtle gradient is expressed by layering it while gradually shrinking with rotation.

Title: Pentagonal buds

Commentary: The spiral is ​​represented by rotating and gradually reducing the size of the pentagon. This pentagon is composed of five elements and the shadow. Its outer shape becomes a pentagon, and with the spiral it seems to symbolize repetition = eternity.