MathArt Gallery 6: Heart & Bit Series


 Abstract: The geometric fun hidden in the Heart & Bit series is explained plainly.

About The Heart & Bit Series

People’s hearts are buried in the stress of modern society, which is getting bigger and bigger. Bits and hearts are represented as a symbol of that, and each work is created based on the relationship between them.

Title: Heart Ennui

Commentary: The heart with the Limacon curve is light and graceful, but it is wrapped in light melancholy.

The tapestry of this design is available for purchase on the following web page.


Title: Heart Pounding

Commentary: It was a surprise to the complexity of time and society, and it showed the mind which endured hard while buried.

Title: Heart lively

Commentary: A shining mind without losing to the complexity of time and society.The curve of the heart using archimedes spiral is beautiful.The energetic mind expressed by the yellow line overcomes stress and clearly expresses the shape of the whole.

Title: Heart Tears

Commentary: I lost my stress and started crying. Tears cleanse the mind.Women’s strength may be there. Men should not disguise himself and drink, but cry on the absence of anyone.