【Arts of Wizards Unite】Wizards Tips:Reference Videos for Masterful Spell!

Summary: Event tasks are now required to cast Masterful spells. I will display those videos, so please refer to it. Also, I will introduce my practice method, so I hope it will be helpful.

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Requirements for casting Masterful spells

  • There are two conditions for a spell to reach master level:
  • More than two-thirds of Goodlevel at the end of the spell cast
  • The trajectory is green (good)

From the above, spells are High-speed oriented!

My personal How to practice

①Trace it accurately and let it be remembered in your hand.

②Believe in your hand you remembered, ignore the accuracy and try at maximum speed. If you can relax, you can reach more faster!

Keeping your speed as fast as you can, pay a little attention to accuracy. When you get used to it, increase the speed.

  • Note: Relax. It make you speeds up and you don’t get tired.
  • Initially, I used to do it with my thumb, but I got tenosynovitis. I use a cheap stylus pen like the one below because it can speed up. The price is about 10.00 dollers for 5 bottles. I bought a thick nib when the nib was worn out. The price is about 10.00 dollers for 10 pieces. A stylus pen is recommended as it is faster than a finger.

Video by spell: It’s a difficult order!

Wingardium Leviosa

Very Easy! Just swish and flick!

If you draw very fast, you can be masterful even if the trajectory is yellow.


It’s quite difficult. If you try to make it faster, the shape will not be organized.

Expecto Patronum


It was done with a stylus pen normally. You need accuracy.

If the above is difficult, there is a way to shortcut the last line as follows. At this time, I couldn’t do it with the stylus pen, so I’m doing it with my thumb. Some people said that they could do it with their index finger. With thin stylus pen, it may be difficult to clear the upper and lower checkpoints.

It is the video using my thumb.

The stylus is thin, so the trajectory does not turn green. However, since it can be drawn quickly, it is possible to make a shortcut and Masterful even if the trajectory is yellow.



If you can get your image of turning the triangular part as shown below, the speed will be faster.

Arresto Momentum

There are four long lines, so it’s difficult to be accurate and fast.



Accurate vertical lines!


The first circle is long and difficult to stop. Furthermore, the vertical straight line is long too, and it is difficult to straighten it down!


Since the circle part is long, try drawing quickly just by your feeling and correct it little by little.

Meteolojinx Recanto

I think there are many people who are good at this.


It’s important to do the plunge.

That’s All!