Quilt Gallery 4: Introduction of Great Lotus Quilt 

A work that can be said to be the culmination of the lotus series. Created with the image of a tropical waterfront where various flowers are blooming.

Below are detailed pictures of each part and a brief explanation.

Description of each block

Giant hexigonal flowers in the center

The center array is a structure in which regular triangles of different sizes can be arranged infinitely finely, as shown in the figure below. Here, 5 sides of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 cm are used for each side. It is a work of patchworking 600 regular triangles.

Supplemental figure: Infinite structure of regular triangle (Sierpinski’s Gasket)

Patterns of regular hexagons and regular triangles

Golden quilt lines are very effective. I like it.

Patterns that fill an array of regular pentagons and pentagrams

The quilt line is devised for each color of the pentagon to give a three-dimensional effect.

a pattern with an array of three squares

Designed with a repeating pattern of half the area reduction of a square

The same quilt line is placed in each of the right-angled isosceles triangles, and it seems that it took a lot of time and effort because it became smaller and smaller. I thank the qilter who made this.

Patterns using squares and diamonds

Each square and rhombus has a quilt line, giving a three-dimensional effect.

Large and mid-size flower pattern

The quilt line of the flower core and petals is devised.

A pattern with the pentagon that combines hexagon and equilateral triangle

The pattern with triple-nested square

Pattern using a pentagon that combines square and regular triangle

Pattern using square and isosceles right triangle

The quilt line on the flower is interesting.

Non-regular dodecagon pattern

The quilt line of three diamonds is fun.

Flower pattern with regular hexagons divided into an array of squares and regular triangles

That’s all.