Make quilt with good memories!: Recording of memories using fabric

Description: By using Seiren PR sheet, it is possible to create cloth with a photo-level resolution.I use this to help me memorize my memories.

Concrete example: I want to create a commemorative quilt from a picture of my grandson.

Digitalize your grandchild’s picture and perform the necessary processing.

Example: Two pictures you want to use ==> Take with a smartphone, data conversion: processing, for example, size and resolution adjustment.

Design the outline and create the data for the Seiren PR sheet.

Create a Seiren P-R sheet and create a quilt using it.

The upper fabric is a medium cotton material recommended for making quilts.

Approximate price

  • Communication and technical fees for data creation/processing, design creation, and PR sheet data creation are approximately 10,000 yen.(For correspondence by e-mail)
  • In addition, about 15,000 yen per square meter (actual cost) is required to create the Seiren PR sheet.

The Seiren PR sheet can be used to create 16.7 million colors of photo-grade fabric.For details, see the following.


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